Old-New Jewish Humanism

Ephraim Meir


This book presents Judaism as a special kind of Humanism. It is argued that one does not have to make a choice between Judaism or humanism: the are interconnected, two sides of the same coin. The defense of human rights such as equality and freedom and the respect for the dignity of every human being make up the backbone of Judaism.

Rediscovering the humanistic core in Judaism allows for a critical view on the own religion and forbids shaping one's particular identity on the negative background of other identities that also promote human values.

The proposed interpretation of Judaism as a humanism unites religious, less religious and secular Jews. It brings to light the constructive and cooperative forces in the foundational texts and the focuses upon the difficult election to make the world more equal and Just. It consolidates the sense of belonging to humanity as such and implies waging war against discrimination or violation of fundamental human rights.

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